Commit ffddf169 authored by Victor Mocelin's avatar Victor Mocelin

Alterada os routes para individualizar os eventos

Passa o id do evento como parâmetro para a tela da lista.
Alterado o layout da tela da lista, para mostrar as informações da palestra.
parent 1f046382
......@@ -20,14 +20,17 @@ angular.module('app.routes', [])
url: '/novo-evento',
templateUrl: 'templates/novoEvento.html',
controller: 'novoEventoCtrl'
.state('listaDePresenAEventoX', {
url: '/presenca',
url: '/presenca/:eventId',
templateUrl: 'templates/listaDePresenAEventoX.html',
controller: 'listaDePresenAEventoXCtrl'
controller: 'listaDePresenAEventoXCtrl',
resolve: {
eventX: function($stateParams, EventsService) {
return EventsService.getEventById($stateParams.eventId);
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
<div class="item item-body">
<a ui-sref="novoEvento" id="ceitificator-button2" class="button button-positive button-block icon-right ion-android-add-circle">Criar Novo</a>
<ion-item ui-sref="listaDePresenAEventoX" ng-repeat="event in events">{{}}: {{}} - {{}} - {{event.hours}}</ion-item>
<ion-item ng-repeat="event in events" ui-sref='listaDePresenAEventoX({eventId:})'>{{}}: {{}} - {{}} - {{event.hours}}</ion-item>
<ion-view title="Lista de Presença - Evento X">
<ion-content overflow-scroll="true" padding="true" class="has-header">
<div class="list card">
<div id="listaDePresenAEventoX-markdown1" style="color:#000000;">
<p><strong>Evento:</strong> {{}}</p>
<p><strong>Descrição:</strong> {{eventX.desc}}</p>
<p><strong>Data:</strong> {{}}</p>
<p><strong>Local:</strong> {{}}</p>
<p><strong>Horas:</strong> {{eventX.hours}}</p>
<div class="item item-body">
<button id="listaDePresenAEventoX-button9" class="button button-positive button-block icon-right ion-qr-scanner" ng-click="scan()">Adicionar</button>
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