Commit 7eadaa50 authored by Hamer Iboshi's avatar Hamer Iboshi

Error without json_map on modal

parent 1e05a6a7
......@@ -174,23 +174,23 @@ class Eixo1 extends Component {
<td>Número identificador da comunidade:</td>
<td>{ this.state.clickedRow.id_territorio }</td>
<td>{ this.state.clickedRow ? this.state.clickedRow.id_territorio : ''}</td>
<td>{ this.state.clickedRow.municipio }</td>
<td>{ this.state.clickedRow ? this.state.clickedRow.municipio : '' }</td>
<td>{ this.state.clickedRow.nome_territorio }</td>
<td>{ this.state.clickedRow ? this.state.clickedRow.nome_territorio : '' }</td>
<td>Processo no INCRA:</td>
<td>{ this.state.clickedRow.processo_incra }</td>
<td>{ this.state.clickedRow ? this.state.clickedRow.processo_incra : '' }</td>
<td>Processo na FCP:</td>
<td>{ this.state.clickedRow.processo_fcp }</td>
<td>{ this.state.clickedRow ? this.state.clickedRow.processo_fcp : '' }</td>
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