Commit aee0cea6 authored by Bruno Meyer's avatar Bruno Meyer
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funcionando pra csv tambem

parent 93c9c2c5
......@@ -48,13 +48,17 @@ def read_csv(path):
def fix_dataframes(dataframes):
for df in dataframes:
if df['name'] == 'historico.xls':
if df['name'] == 'historico.xls' or df['name'] == 'historico.csv':
history = df['dataframe']
if df['name'] == 'matricula.xls':
if df['name'] == 'matricula.xls' or df['name'] == 'matricula.csv':
register = df['dataframe']
#~ df.dropna(axis=0, how='all')
history["MEDIA_FINAL"] = pd.to_numeric(history["MEDIA_FINAL"], errors='coerce')
history = history[np.isfinite(history['MEDIA_FINAL'])]
merged = pd.merge(history, register, how='right', on=['MATR_ALUNO'])
#~ print(merged)
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