Commit 19c1960b authored by Lucas Braz Cunha's avatar Lucas Braz Cunha
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Merge branch 'account_edit' of into account_edit

parents b50220c5 5a82cf9b
......@@ -851,11 +851,11 @@ public class AccountActivity extends AppCompatActivity implements AccountView {
if(isPhotoDelete) {
//TODO: change photo removal according to back-end
values.put("photo_content", "");
values.put("photo_type", "img/png");
values.put("photo_type", "image/png");
}else {
values.put("photo_content", Utils.getBase64FromFile(userPhotoHelper.getTempFilePath()));
values.put("photo_type", "img/png");
values.put("photo_type", "image/png");
values.put("photo_name", userPhotoHelper.getUserUid() + ".png");
......@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ public class AccountPresenter extends BasePresenter<AccountView> {
final AccountUpdate account;
if(body.get("photo_content") != null)
user.setImage(body.get("photo_type"), body.get("photo_name"),body.get("photo_content"));
user.setImage(body.get("photo_type"), body.get("photo_name"), body.get("photo_content"));
if (body.get("password") == null || body.get("password_confirmation") == null){
account = new AccountUpdate(user);
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