Commit 24fae61f authored by Lucas Braz Cunha's avatar Lucas Braz Cunha
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Issue AGILE#203 [WP] Commit to change branch

Signed-off-by: Lucas Braz Cunha's avatarLucas B. Cunha <>
parent a3aafaf0
......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ public class NewDependentActivity extends AppCompatActivity implements NewDepen
private NewDependentPresenter presenter;
private Dependent dependent;
private ImageView imv_profile;
......@@ -424,6 +424,7 @@ public class NewDependentActivity extends AppCompatActivity implements NewDepen
HashMap<String, String> values = new HashMap<>();
values.put("name", et_name.getText().toString());
values.put("cpf", et_cpf.getText().toString());
values.put("rg", et_rg.getText().toString());
values.put("birth_date", DateValidator.stringToDate(et_birthdate.getText().toString(), false));
......@@ -26,37 +26,40 @@ public class DependentCreation {
public class DependentData{
private String mAddress_Number;
private String addressNumber;
private String mNote;
private String note;
private String mRg;
private String rg;
private String cpf;
private String mEmail;
private String email;
private String mPcd;
private String pcd;
private String mPhone2;
private String phone2;
private String mPhone1;
private String phone1;
private String mName;
private String name;
private String mBirth_Date;
private String birthDate;
private String mCep;
private String cep;
private String mAddressComplement;
private String addressComplement;
private boolean active;
......@@ -65,17 +68,18 @@ public class DependentCreation {
private Image image;
DependentData(Map<String, String> values) {
this.mAddress_Number = values.get("address_number");
this.mRg = values.get("rg");
this.mEmail = values.get("email");
this.mPcd = values.get("pcd");
this.mPhone2 = values.get("phone2");
this.mPhone1 = values.get("phone1");
this.mName = values.get("name");
this.mBirth_Date = values.get("birth_date");
this.mCep = values.get("cep");
this.mAddressComplement = values.get("address_complement");
this.addressNumber = values.get("address_number");
this.rg = values.get("rg"); = values.get("email");
this.pcd = values.get("pcd");
this.phone2 = values.get("phone2");
this.phone1 = values.get("phone1"); = values.get("name");
this.birthDate = values.get("birth_date");
this.cep = values.get("cep");
this.addressComplement = values.get("address_complement"); = values.get("active").equals("true");
this.cpf = values.get("cpf");
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