Commit 053b0663 authored by Pedro Henrique's avatar Pedro Henrique

Change reports to generate reports of inactive service place as well

Signed-off-by: Pedro Henrique's avatarPedro Henrique! <>
parent a4d5d1cc
......@@ -460,7 +460,7 @@ class ReportsController < ApplicationController
if !current_citizen.professional.administradorc3sl?
@serviceplaces = =>, :id => @currentProfessionalServicePlace.service_place_id).order('name ASC')
@serviceplaces = ServicePlace.all.where(:city_hall_id =>, :id => @currentProfessionalServicePlace.service_place_id).order('name ASC')
@professionals = {city_hall_id:}).includes(:service_places)
@serviceplaces = ServicePlace.all.order('name ASC')
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