Commit 770d0c1b authored by Bruno Freitas Tissei's avatar Bruno Freitas Tissei

Merge branch 'hotfix_issue_129' into 'master'

Fix service type order
Signed-off-by: Bruno Freitas Tissei's avatarBruno Freitas Tissei <>

See merge request !239
parents c98d67e6 1c8638ce
......@@ -362,10 +362,10 @@ class ProfessionalsController < ApplicationController
def shifts
#TODO Tem que fazer [by Fabricio]
if @currentProfessionalServicePlace.role == "adm_c3sl"
@service_places_professionals = ServiceType.all.order(:description)
@service_places_professionals = ServiceType.all.order('description ASC')
ids = ServiceTypeServicePlace.where(service_place_id:
@service_places_professionals = ServiceType.where(id: ids)
@service_places_professionals = ServiceType.where(id: ids).order('description ASC')
if session[:carrega_pagina]
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