Commit aef59725 authored by Bruno Nocera Zanette's avatar Bruno Nocera Zanette

Update GemSpec

parent d1451e88 do |s| = 'dspace_rest_client'
s.version = '1.1.2' = '2015-05-22'
s.version = '1.1.3' = '2015-09-08'
s.summary = "DSpace REST-API Client for Ruby!"
s.description = "DSpace REST-API Client for Ruby! Implements all DSpace REST-API endpoints requests."
s.authors = ["Mauricio Giacomini Girardello", "Bruno N. Zanette", "Mateus Rambo Strey"]
s.authors = ["Mauricio Giacomini Girardello", "Bruno Nocera Zanette", "Mateus Rambo Strey"] = ''
s.files = Dir['lib/*.rb'] +
Dir['lib/dspacerest/*.rb'] +
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