Commit 8278bcab authored by Bruno Nocera Zanette's avatar Bruno Nocera Zanette

Fixed bug: Restricted permission on loginError page

Fixed a bug that didn't allow user to receive the correct error message on a login attempt.
Signed-off-by: Bruno Nocera Zanette's avatarBruno Nocera Zanette <>
parent aac5794e
......@@ -12,12 +12,13 @@
<!-- Defines Login/Logout rules -->
<form-login login-processing-url="/resources/j_spring_security_check"
login-page="/login" authentication-failure-url="/login\?login_error=t" />
login-page="/login" authentication-failure-url="/login?login_error=t" />
<logout logout-url="/resources/j_spring_security_logout"/>
<!-- Login page and Public Resources -->
<intercept-url pattern="^/resources/.*$" access="permitAll" />
<intercept-url pattern="^/login$" access="permitAll" />
<intercept-url pattern="^/login\?login_error=t$" access="permitAll" />
<!-- Homepage -->
<intercept-url pattern="^/$" access="isAuthenticated()"/>
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