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    Modified AuthMethod to use Kerberos/LDAP · 3484642a
    Bruno Nocera Zanette authored
    Project was modified to use Kerberos as the Login Method and LDAP as the authorities source.
    Properties files were created to store information about Kerberos and LDAP servers (kerberos.properties and ldap.properties), and the groups that define each authority group into SAPos (authorities.properties).
    To control LDAP attributes the class "LdapAttrController" was created. Into this class all necessary LDAP's attributes are aquired and repassed to the class "KerberosAuthController" that uses this information to create a new instance of "User" that is used on login process.
    The libraries "spring-ldap-core" and "spring-security-kerberos-core" were added into "pom.xml" file.
    Signed-off-by: Bruno Nocera Zanette's avatarBruno Nocera Zanette <brunonzanette@gmail.com>
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