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The easiest way to insert travel allowance data is to use ''.

Script's input: Year and month from the data to be inserted, ElasticSearch's user and password.
4 5 6 7 8 9
The script also uses a config file named ''. This is a small shell script that need to only declare some variables: index, host, filter and universities:
- Index: The index prefix to be saved on ElasticSearch.
- Host: The hostname of the machine runnning ElasticSearch.
- Filter: An array of n values, that will create n indexes in ElasticSearch, each one filtering data from Portal Transparencia using its corresponding string. Ex: "UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DO PARANA"
- University: An array of n values, with n being the same n as Filter's array. This array should contain the initials from Universities declared in Filter array, in the same order.

10 11 12 13
Example: ./ 2016 10 myuser mypass
Example 2: ./ 2014 11 myuser mypass

The other script's will be called by '' correctly.