Commit c4fbcba6 authored by Matheus Horstmann's avatar Matheus Horstmann 🐴

Merge branch 'fix-mergeturma' into 'development'

adiciona relacao bidirecional entre turma e turmas na uniao de duas turmas

See merge request !52
parents 438ae482 fdd7a4db
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ module.exports = function(Departamento) {
"scope": {
"where": {"merged": false},
"include": ["professores","cursos",{
"include": ["professores","cursos","turmasMergedss",{
"relation": "horarios",
"scope": {
"where": {"visible": true},
......@@ -49,8 +49,12 @@
"turmasMergeds": {
"type": "belongsTo",
"model": "Turma",
"foreignKey": "mergedCod",
"invert": true
"foreignKey": "mergedCod"
"turmasMergedss": {
"type": "hasMany",
"model": "Turma",
"foreignKey": "mergedCod"
"professores": {
"type": "hasAndBelongsToMany",
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