le-dosvox: Changes where dosvox installer is downloaded

Signed-off-by: Dalmon Ian Martins de Oliveira <dimo13.c3sl.ufpr.br>
parent c506d3e9
......@@ -71,12 +71,12 @@ http://intervox.nce.ufrj.br/dosvox/"
# Begin installation
# Create a directory and download dosvox installer into it
mkdir /home/$USER_TO_INSTALL/le-dosvox
(wget --progress=bar:force -O /home/$USER_TO_INSTALL/le-dosvox/dv45-setup.exe \
# Download dosvox installer into /tmp
(wget --progress=bar:force -O /tmp/dv45-setup.exe \
"http://intervox.nce.ufrj.br/dosvox/programas/dv45-setup.exe" 2>&1 \
| zenity --title="Baixando o Dosvox" --text="Por favor aguarde"\
--progress --auto-close --auto-kill)
if [[ "$EXITCODE" != "0" ]]; then
kill -15 $(pidof zenity)
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