Commit a380a18e authored by Diego Pasqualin's avatar Diego Pasqualin

le-proinfodata: Remove conflict with le-proinfodata-installer

Old systems refuse to remove le-proinfodata-installer AND to upgrade
Signed-off-by: 's avatarDiego Pasqualin <>
parent 759eb179
Package: le-proinfodata
Version: 1.2.25
Version: 1.2.26
Maintainer: <>
Architecture: i386
Section: main
Priority: important
Conflicts: le-proinfodata-installer
Depends: zenity, wget, passwd, sudo, cron, bash, coreutils, bzip2, xli
Description: Agent of PROINFODATA project designed for the LE project
Coleta de dados do projeto ProInfo/MEC de inclusão digital nas escolas
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