le-browser: Update package dependecies

Signed-off-by: Lucas Vinicius Semprebom Goncalves's avatarLucas Vinicius Semprebom Gonçalves <lucass.semprebom@gmail.com>
parent 675c078e
Package: le-browser
Priority: important
Section: main
Version: 1.1.14
Version: 1.1.15
Maintainer: LE Maintainer <le-maintainer@c3sl.ufpr.br>
Description: Linux Educacional 5 internet browser, Mozilla Firefox, and its plugins.
Architecture: all
Pre-Depends: firefox
Depends: firefox-locale-pt, flashplugin-installer, totem-mozilla, icedtea-7-plugin, xul-ext-ubufox
Depends: firefox-locale-pt, flashplugin-installer | adobe-flashplugin, totem-mozilla, icedtea-7-plugin, xul-ext-ubufox
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