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0fSPECIAL BOOT PARAMETERS - VARIOUS HARDWARE07                                    09F607

You can use the following boot parameters at the 0fboot:07 prompt, 
in combination with the boot method (see <09F307>).
If you use hex numbers you have to use the 0x prefix (e.g., 0x300).
HARDWARE                               PARAMETER TO SPECIFY07
IBM PS/1 or ValuePoint (IDE disk)      0fhd=0bcylinders0f,0bheads0f,0bsectors07
Some IBM ThinkPads                     0ffloppy.floppy=thinkpad07
Protect I/O port regions               0freserve=0biobase0f,0bextent07[0f,0b...07]
Laptops with screen display problems   0fvga=77107
Use first serial port at 9600 baud     0fconsole=ttyS0,9600n807
Force use of generic IDE driver        0fall_generic_ide=107
Possible (temporary) workarounds for lockups or other hardware failures:
disable buggy APIC interrupt routing   0fnoapic nolapic07
(partly) disable ACPI                  0facpi=noirq07 or 0facpi=off07
disable USB                            0fnousb07
poll for interrupts                    0firqpoll07

For example:
  boot: install vga=771 noapic nolapic

Press F1control and F then 1 for the help index, or ENTER to