Commit e0a28136 authored by Carlos Maziero's avatar Carlos Maziero

ajustes no Makefile

parent 0eb51b00
# Makefile básico, sugestões são bem-vindas...
# Carlos Maziero @UFPR, nov 2015
# Carlos Maziero @UFPR, out 2017
OUTPUT=$(MAIN)_$(USER).pdf # a pedido da coordenacao
main: $(MAIN).tex
@pdflatex $(MAIN)
@bibtex $(MAIN)
@pdflatex $(MAIN)
@pdflatex $(MAIN)
@mv $(MAIN).pdf $(MAIN)_$(USER).pdf # a pedido da coordenação
@mv $(MAIN).pdf $(OUTPUT)
@bibtex $(MAIN)
......@@ -26,5 +27,5 @@ clean:
@find . -xdev -name $(MAIN).blg -print -delete
purge: clean
@rm -f $(MAIN)_$(USER).pdf
@rm -f $(OUTPUT)
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