Commit 2ef4beba authored by bhm15's avatar bhm15
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adega#121: Fix docker bugs

parent a1494df5
# This commands will be run inside of the container web
# If ANY of this commands fails (return != 0) the container will be down
bash ./docker_scripts/
python ./src/ migrate
python ./src/ runserver
cd src
python makemigrations degree admission educator uploads
python migrate
python runserver
......@@ -65,6 +65,6 @@ args = `arg="$(filter-out $@,$(MAKECMDGOALS))" && echo $${arg:-${1}}`
@echo $(call args,"")
docker exec -it adega_web_1 python3 ./src/ $(call args,"")
docker exec -it adega_web_1 bash -c "cd src; python3 $(call args,'')"
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