Commit c8e78172 authored by Bruno Meyer's avatar Bruno Meyer 😢

Merge branch 'Checkbox_grupos' into 'master'

checkbox dos grupos

See merge request !22
parents 2235444d aa6ff137
......@@ -31,9 +31,13 @@
<div class="splash-container">
<label for="name">Nome</label>
<input id="nome" name="nome" type="text" placeholder="Nome" class="pure-input-rounded">
<label for="grupo">Grupo</label>
<input id="grupo" name="grupo" type="text" placeholder="grupo" class="pure-input-rounded">
<input id="grupo" name="grupo" type="checkbox" value=1 class="pure-input-rounded" checked> Normal
<input id="grupo" name="grupo" type="checkbox" value=2 class="pure-input-rounded"> Meditaçao
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