Version 1.1.0
  1. Added

    • Recaptcha in sign up menu and resource publication;
    • Route for pages not found;
    • Button “Publicar Recurso” in user’s menu in the mobile version;
    • Button “Curadoria” in user’s menu;
    • Added recover password page.
  2. Fixed

    • Search page reworked;
    • Search performing two requests, affecting site statistics;
    • User is not prevented from progressing in the publication page if fields are not filled in;
    • "Sobre Mim" field in user settings red by default, even though it is an optional field;
    • Horizontal slide bar showing up on certain pages;
    • Collection's download not working properly (back-end problem);
    • Pagination issues on user's public profile page and style disparity with user's private profile page;
    • Certain video formats not displaying. A warning saying that the format is not supported will now be displayed, advising the user to download it;
    • Resource card animation when mouseover not working properly;
    • Trying to favorite a resource from the resource card has no effect when not logged in. Now the user will be alerted about the need to be logged in;
    • Button "Deixar de Seguir" of the collection card without animation;
    • Application not working properly when accessing random pages by the url;
    • Session is not maintained when opening tabs with the right mouse button;
    • Request for an id 0 on collection pages;
    • After commenting on a resource or collection, it is necessary to reload the page to display the comment correctly;
    • Incorrect comments pagination;
    • Missing user's profile image in comments when using the default image.