Commit 510da5d1 authored by Edileuton Henrique de Oliveira's avatar Edileuton Henrique de Oliveira
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build: Remove the scripts from the previous installation

Signed-off-by: default avatarEdileuton Henrique de Oliveira <>
parent 06e378a9
......@@ -140,7 +140,7 @@ mv -f "${SEED_MEC_HOME}/update/tmp/SEED2-run/"{.md5*,.back*}* \
# Copy the files themself
rm -rf "${SEED_MEC_HOME}/SEED2/"{bin,lib,net,client,extra,network-scripts,scripts} &> /dev/null
rm -rf "${SEED_MEC_HOME}/SEED2/"{*.sh,bin,lib,net,client,extra,network-scripts,scripts} &> /dev/null
mv -f "${SEED_MEC_HOME}/update/tmp/SEED2-run/"* \
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