Commit 217f2c74 authored by Eduardo L. Buratti's avatar Eduardo L. Buratti

server: Fix field name (disk2_model)

Signed-off-by: Eduardo L. Buratti's avatarEduardo L. Buratti <>
parent 63df1c8b
......@@ -205,7 +205,7 @@ private static String createInventoryQuery(String table, String inep,
sb.append(" (project, inep, macaddr, os_type, os_distro, os_kernel,");
sb.append(" processor, memory, disk1_model, disk1_size, disk1_used,");
sb.append(" disk2_models, disk2_size, disk2_used, extra_hds) VALUES (");
sb.append(" disk2_model, disk2_size, disk2_used, extra_hds) VALUES (");
/* Project */
sb.append(createValueString(project, "int", 1));
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