Commit fc3b9232 authored by Roberto Hexsel's avatar Roberto Hexsel

fixed yesterday-s incomplete update

parent f053542d
Pipeline #2592 skipped
......@@ -203,3 +203,57 @@ cmips_delay:
.end cmips_delay
# print a message, does not disturbs registers
.align 2
.comm _kmsg_saves 4*4 # area to save up to 4 registers
# _kmsg_saves[0]=$a0, [1]=$a1, [2]=$a2, [3]=$ra
.set noreorder
.set noat
.global cmips_kmsg
.ent cmips_kmsg
.equ stdout_addr,(x_IO_BASE_ADDR + 1*x_IO_ADDR_RANGE);
# void cmips_kmsg( $k1 )
lui $k0, %hi(_kmsg_saves)
ori $k0, $k0, %lo(_kmsg_saves)
sw $a0, 0*4($k0)
sw $a1, 1*4($k0)
sw $a2, 2*4($k0)
lui $a1, %hi(_kmsg_list)
ori $a1, $a1, %hi(_kmsg_list)
sll $k1, $k1, 2 # adjust index onto table
addu $a1, $a1, $k1
lui $a2, %hi(stdout_addr)
ori $a2, $a2, %lo(stdout_addr)
k_for: lbu $a0, 0($a1)
sb $a0, 0($a2) # send it to simulator's stdout
bne $a0, $zero, k_for
addiu $a1, $a1, 1
lw $a0, 0*4($k0)
lw $a1, 1*4($k0)
jr $ra
lw $a2, 2*4($k0)
.end cmips_kmsg
.equ kmsg_interr,0
.equ kmsg_excep,1
.global _kmsg_list
_kmsg_list: .word _kmsg_interr,_kmsg_excep
_kmsg_interr: .asciiz "\n\tinterrupt\n\n"
_kmsg_excep: .asciiz "\n\texceptioninterrupt\n\n"
......@@ -3013,12 +3013,12 @@ begin
-- TLB entry 6 -- initialized to 1st,2nd pages of SDRAM
MMU_TAG6: register32 generic map(MMU_ini_tag_SDR0)
MMU_TAG6: register32 generic map(MMU_ini_tag_RAM4)
port map (clk, rst, tlb_tag6_updt, tlb_tag_inp, tlb_tag6);
MMU_DAT6_0: registerN generic map(DAT_REG_BITS, MMU_ini_dat_SDR0) -- d=1,v=1,g=1
MMU_DAT6_0: registerN generic map(DAT_REG_BITS, MMU_ini_dat_RAM4) -- d=1,v=1,g=1
port map (clk, rst, tlb_dat6_updt, tlb_dat0_inp, tlb_dat6_0);
MMU_DAT6_1: registerN generic map(DAT_REG_BITS, MMU_ini_dat_SDR1) -- d=1,v=1,g=1
MMU_DAT6_1: registerN generic map(DAT_REG_BITS, MMU_ini_dat_RAM5) -- d=1,v=1,g=1
port map (clk, rst, tlb_dat6_updt, tlb_dat1_inp, tlb_dat6_1);
hit6_pc <= TRUE when (tlb_tag6(VA_HI_BIT downto VA_LO_BIT) = PC(VA_HI_BIT downto VA_LO_BIT)
......@@ -530,8 +530,8 @@ begin -- TB
port map (rst, clk, mem_i_sel,rom_rdy, phi3, mem_i_addr,datrom);
U_DATA_BUS_ERROR_DEC: busError_addr_decode
port map (rst, cpu_d_aVal, d_addr, open);
d_busError <= '1'; -- only while testing the SDRAM
port map (rst, cpu_d_aVal, d_addr, d_busError);
-- d_busError <= '1'; -- only while testing the SDRAM
U_IO_ADDR_DEC: io_addr_decode
port map (phi0, rst, cpu_d_aVal, d_addr, dev_select_io,
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