fixed proxy config path generation

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......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ asi="true" #agent_send_inventory
asnb="true" #agent_send_net_band
asuh="true" #agent_send_user_hist
asd="false" #agent_send_database
dir=$(dirname $0)
cd $dir
......@@ -119,11 +119,10 @@ cp bin/agent-v0.0 $idPoint/agentC3SL/
mkdir $idPoint/agentC3SL/conf
cd $idPoint/agentC3SL/conf
touch datasid-conf.json
touch proxy.json
touch proxy-conf.json
tmp=$(cat ../../../conf/proxy-conf.json)
printf "$tmp\n" "$host" "$port" "$usr" "$passwd" > proxy.json
printf "$tmp\n" "$host" "$port" "$usr" "$passwd" > proxy-conf.json
tmp=$(cat ../../../conf/datasid-conf.json)
printf "$tmp\n" "$idPoint" "$project" "conf/proxy-conf.json" "$version" "$webService" "$asi" "$asnb" "$asuh" "$asd" > datasid-conf.json
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