Commit 30b88202 authored by Edu Trevisan's avatar Edu Trevisan
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update settings

parent a28f40a6
Subproject commit 0014f2394e674fa5c6e461bbc2b98e8f78c3b923
Subproject commit 87f5f5625bba6a2c1e0e6a41092e73efa4e46769
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ DATABASE_USER_PASSWORD = 'monetdb'
DATABASE_HOST = 'localhost'
# Database to connect to
DATABASE = 'equipes'
DATABASE = 'hotmapper_demo'
# Column used to run aggregations and denormalizations
YEAR_COLUMN = 'ano_censo'
Subproject commit 87666dc7f49b358daf0fc81c751ee36e46bc81f0
Subproject commit c4adf52912c41bf66b0875b19eef2bb6fdad9ba8
Subproject commit cdea443e34bf09df2223aebe3090c6920442a38a
Subproject commit 7aab3fb95cc46b34b36254f696a7ba655a6b70d8
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