Commit 8b7c7ede authored by Pietro Cavassin's avatar Pietro Cavassin
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hotfix - strip parenthesis from column in derivative

parent 2679b1c7
......@@ -840,9 +840,11 @@ class DatabaseTable(Table):
case_tokens = case.split(" ")
case_tokens = case.split(' ')
for i in range(0, len(case_tokens)):
# remove everything prior to first, and after last quotation mark (including them)
# strip everything before and after quotation marks and parentheses (including them)
token_varname = re.sub(r'(^[^\"]*[\"])', '', case_tokens[i])
token_varname = re.sub(r'([\"][^\"]*$)', '', token_varname)
token_varname = re.sub(r'(^[^\(]*[\(])', '', token_varname)
token_varname = re.sub(r'([\)][^\)]*$)', '', token_varname)
if (token_varname == var_name):
case_tokens[i] = case_tokens[i].replace(var_name, var_db)
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