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License: GNU General Public License v3 or later
License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html
AccessPress Parallax WordPress Theme, Copyright 2014 AccessPress Themes
AccessPress Parallax is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL v3

Install Steps:

1. Activate the theme
2. Go to the Theme Option page
3. Setup theme options


JS Files
    HTML5-Shiv: MIT and GPL licenses
    bxSlider: WTFPL and MIT license
    Nivo Lightbox: MIT licenses

    jQuery Actual: MIT licenses

    jQuery Easing: Open source under the BSD License. 

    jQuery Easing: Released under the WTFPL license

    jQuery Easing: MIT Licenses

    Parallax JS: MIT and GPL licenses

    WOw JS: MIT Licenses
    Smooth Scroll JS: MIT Licenses

    Font Awesome: MIT and GPL licenses
    Apache License, version 2.0
    License: SIL Open Font License, 1.1

    All the images used are from http://pixabay.com and are fully GPL compatible.

    Slider Image

    Background Image

    Portfolio Image


== Changelog ==
Version 1.26.2
 * Fixed some escapting value
 * Updated .pot file
Version 1.26.1
* Translation Bug fixed

Version 1.26.0
* Fixed escaping security error
* Core WordPress Function used of pagination/navigaion for post and archive page

Version 1.25.9
* TGMPA Updated with the latest version

Version 1.25.8
* Logo alignment bug fixed for centered logo in Responsive Layout
* Responsive bug fixed for the footer
* Header Menu Bug fixed for home page template
* PolyLang support for Theme Option Panel Text

Version 1.25.7
* Section Files Compatibility with Child Theme
* CSS bug on bottom margin of the Google Map Section fixed

Version 1.25.6
* Woocommerce Compatible bug fixed

Version 1.25.5
* Woocommerce Compatible

Version 1.25.4
* Plugin Recommended via TGM
* Screenshot changed

Version 1.25.3
* Indonesian Translation Added
Contributer - Rio Bermano <riobermano92@gmail.com>

Version 1.25.2
* Added the theme support for title tag and removed the hardcoded title tag

Version 1.25.1
* Fixes for the compatibility with Polylang Plugin
* Post Navigation in the single post shows the post with same term only

Version 1.25.0
* CSS fixes to make compaltible with the latest release of WordPress 4.4
* Auto Transition Bug in main slider fixed

Version 1.24.9
* Minor bug on Slider fixed for RTL
* Google Map Section content not displaying issue fixed

Version 1.24.8
* Additional CSS added for RTL Support

Version 1.24.7
* More Theme Page added

Version 1.24.6
* Menu Center alignment Bug fixed for the header 2 layout
* New Plugin Suggested Via TGM Plugin Activation

Version 1.24.5
* Main navigation bug fixed
* Missing Translation ready fixed
* Minor bug in accesspress_letter_count function fixed

Version 1.24.4
* FontAwesome updated to latest version
* Translation pot file updated 
* Minor Bug fixed in Home Page

Version 1.24.3
* Polylang Plugin translation bug for Call to action section fixed
* Minor CSS fix in the admin Panel

Version 1.24.2
* Option name mismatch for the child theme fixed
* Issue of bxslider not working for RTL Website fixed

Version 1.24.0
* Theme Demo Url Changed
* Changed Author url from http to https
* Jquery bug in Team Section fixed
* Text Domain Issue fixed

Version 1.23.9
* Demo Slider Content Removed
* Demo and Documentation Link added in Theme Option Panel
* Minor change in theme option panel

Version 1.23.5
* TGM Plugin Class Updated to latest version
* Content bug for the parallax section fixed
* Jquery bug fixed for multiple team section added
* Slider caption overlapping the menu issue fixed

Version 1.23.4
* Loop Issue fixed in Parallax Section.
* Missing Translation text fixed.
* Plugins recomemded via TGM Plugin Activation

Version 1.23.3
* Compatibility issues with multilingual plugin (polylang) fixed.
* Issue with Google Map Section fixed.
* Removed the unused script from the demo content.

Version 1.23
* Main Navigation Bug fixed

Version 1.22
* Team section slides bug fixed
* Background Image bug in Mobile device fixed

Version 1.21
* Main Navigation Bug fixed
* Minor Changes in Theme Option Panel
* New pot file generated for translation
* Jquery bug fixed while adding multiple team section

Version 1.20
* Archive page Title link fixed
* ScreenShot Changed
* Few adjustment in Theme Option Panel
* Added Theme support for title tag
* Added callback for custom TinyMCE editor stylesheets

Version 1.19
* Navigation not clickalbe in innpages issue solved.
* Minor CSS bugs fixed.
* Text translation added.
* New Options Added in Theme Options Panel
* Option to change the home text added in menu

Version 1.18
* Nav unclickable issue solved.
* Minor CSS bugs fixed.
* Text translation added.
* Remove emails from Theme Options due to spams. 

Version 1.17
* Fixed the link on the Scroll down arrow over the banner.
* Added New Translation language (Russian).
* Minor CSS bugs fixed.

Version 1.16
* Theme option value not saving bug fixed.

Version 1.15 
* Changed the Option name to theme text domain to prevent the lose of theme option data while making child theme.     

Version 1.14
* Section ID changed by page ID instead of Page name (Page name created problem with other language then english.)
* Header spacing bug fixed when logged in.
* Design bug on 2nd level menu fixed on responsive layout.

Version 1.13
* Div with clearfix class added in service section to prevent misalignment
* Overlapping of Heading with date in the blog/archive page fixed

Version 1.11
* Smooth Scroll Js added for smooth scrolling in Chrome
* ScreenShot Changed
* Minor Changes in styles
* Minor Bugs Fixed
* Demo Content Added

Version 1.1
* Parallax background Effect added for blank Sections in Main page.
* Wow animation effect added
* Google JavaScript Maps API V3 added
* Minor Changes in styles

Version 1.0
* Submitted theme for review in http://wordpress.org