1.0.0 - 2018-03-14


  • ReqQueryFields middleware added to substitute parseParams and do SQL building automagically with the URL params
  • Upgrade to database v2
  • Added user model
  • Passport.js added for user authentication
  • Added routes to create and authenticate a user
  • Added simulation model
  • Added routes to save and retrieve simulations in /simulation
  • Add middleware to convert ids to names


  • Query middleware throws a 404 when the result is empty
  • Change filters and dimensions names! No more _id. Breaks compability
  • config.json.example now has values for development, test and production environments
  • Min Node version is 6.8.1
  • Cache is now defined per route
  • Errors from MonetDB are now returned by the query_exec and query middlewares
  • Tests are now in different files


  • Parse Params middleware removed