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analises com json terminadas

parent 84dbbfee
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import math
import json
from utils.situations import Situation, EvasionForm
......@@ -106,6 +107,9 @@ def average_graduation_time(df):
return average_time
def total_students(df):
return df.drop_duplicates('MATR_ALUNO').shape[0]
def current_total_students(df):
return df.loc[(df.FORMA_EVASAO == EvasionForm.EF_ATIVO)].drop_duplicates('MATR_ALUNO').shape[0]
def taxa_abandono(df):
......@@ -176,4 +180,29 @@ def build_dict_ira_medio(alunos):
v2 = float(aux[1])
dic[d] = sum((float(num) >= v1) and (float(num) < v2) for num in iras)
return dic
\ No newline at end of file
return dic
def build_degree_json(df):
def merge_dicts(dict1, dict2, dict3):
dict_out = {}
for key, value in dict1.items():
v2 = dict2[key] if key in dict2 else None
v3 = dict3[key] if key in dict3 else None
dict_out[key] = {'ira_medio': value, 'sem_evasao': v2, 'formatura': v3}
return dict_out
dic = merge_dicts(average_ira_graph(df),current_students_average_ira_graph(df),graduates_average_ira_graph(df))
degree_json = {
"ira_medio_grafico": json.dumps(sorted(dic.items())),
"evasao_grafico": json.dumps(sorted(period_evasion_graph(df).items())),
"ira_atual": current_students_ira(df),
"ira_medio": general_ira(df),
"qtd_alunos": total_students(df),
"qtd_alunos_atuais": current_total_students(df),
"taxa_evasao": general_evasion_rate(df),
"taxa_formatura": average_graduation(df),
"taxa_reprovacao": general_failure(df),
"taxa_reprovacao_atual": current_students_failure(df),
"tempo_formatura": average_graduation_time(df),
with open("cache/curso/curso.json",'w') as f:
\ No newline at end of file
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